Monday, March 19, 2012

Dating for their Kids? Really?!

I just read that article on shidduch dating and plastic surgery that has everyone so scandalized. I, too, was scandalized, even as I am not part of that world. (Suggesting that girls should seriously consider plastic surgery so that they can get married? Really?!)

But oddly (and this is definitely indicative of the fact that I'm not part of that world), the thing that stood out at me most was the fact that this is a mother screening potential dates for her son. Why on earth are parents involved at all in the dating lives of their adult children? It is mind boggling to me.

If these young men are old enough to get married then they are old enough to evaluate the resumes of potential dates on their own (I won't even get into the resume thing...). The idea of a mother figuring out who is best for her son to date just strikes me as utterly ridiculous.