Monday, February 8, 2010

Haloscan mess

Anyone know how to import my comments back to the blogger format?

I've got this running so that new comments are in Blogger rather than Haloscan/Echo and I have my old comments from Haloscan backed up, but I don't know how to put them back into Blogger.


Rabba bar bar Chana said...

I have the same problem - Haloscan's going away this week.

I'll probably just take some time during the next couple of days and cut & paste all the comments to the end of their corresponding posts and let any new comments be on Blogger.

On Her Own said...

Ugh. So uncool.

Rabba bar bar Chana said...

Because I didn't have enough time this week to do all that cutting & pasting, I upgraded to Echo. I have to say, it was extremely easy - just a 1 button click and they didn't ask me for any payment info. There's 1 free month before I'd have to pay, but I'm planning to do that whole cutting & pasting into blogger before then.