Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Follow-Up Question: Is Saying Tehillim for the Sick a Gender-Specific Activity?

I ask this only because it seems like it's always women organizing to say Tehillim, saying Tehillim, etc.

But maybe that's just the people I know?

Does anyone else know if this is the case? And if so, why? It seems like this would be equally within the male & female domain..


G*3 said...

Men are supposed to be busy learning. It's farily common to learn as a zechus for someone.

Joshua said...

This is to some extent sociological. In many cultures, females are more involved in religion than males. For example, in most Christian denominations, females on average attend services more frequently than males. However, that doesn't occur in Orthodox Judaism for fairly obvious reasons (there's not much incentive to attend services when your gender can't do much and is often actively told not to attend). So the female spiritual outlet comes out in other ways, especially saying Tehillim.